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  • Demoniq Agathe Corset

    Demoniq Agathe Corset

    The Agathe set can pleasantly surprise with many elements. It is a hot combination of attractive corset and thong, made of flexible materials: glossy “wet look” and the “fishnet” mesh. Corset is distinguished by look, which shapes the silhouette, neckline and draws attention to the shape of the buttocks, which are tastefully underlined by the soft lines of the corset, thong and black mesh.The shape of the thong that are included perfectly matches corset. The materials that the set is made of have distinguishing appearance and also feel soft to the skin. Agathe is also very comfortable and does not restrict movements. Additionally, you may very well adjust this set to your body, as the garter straps, corset straps have adjusters.

  • Demoniq Agnes Teddy

    Demoniq Agnes Teddy

    The Agnes entices with its obvious sex appeal and decisively highlights ferocious fancies. Thanks to the elastic material properties, fastenings on the back and neck and lacings on the hip line, it is possible to perfectly fit it to the body, underlining its best features. On the front, a deep triangular cut covered with a black, transparent mesh, fetchingly shows the cleavage and directs the eyes downward, where one can admire the shape of your hips. The back allures with uncovered parts of the back and round shape of the buttocks, which are specially and deliberately underlined by the shape of the body and black mesh elements. The red lacing on the back serves as the proverbial “cherry on top”. The teddy features 4 adjustable stocking straps, which will allow you to fasten your stockings comfortably.

  • Demoniq Angela Catsuit

    Demoniq Angela Catsuit

    Angela Catsuit will make your encounter more pleasurable and attractive, it will spice it up and explicitly determine the character of spicy plays. This suit is a visually effective combination of black, elastic wet look materials with a delicate mesh. You will also notice how comfortable and soft-to-touch the material is. Your body clothed in the Angela catsuit will surprise with its appearance due to the black wet look which optically slims and extends your legs. The arrangement of frontal elements made of black transparent mesh will also slim your silhouette, but most importantly, it will very attractively display the shape of your breasts and cleavage. The real awe will come once you are admired from behind; cut-out on the buttocks shows its nakedness and highlights the round shape, whereas the black strings of G-string add a somewhat predatory appeal. There is also a silver zipper on the back which makes the suit easier to put on, and unzipping it during the play shows a beautiful shape of the back.

  • Demoniq Anita Set

    Demoniq Anita Set

    Sexy set consisting of T-shirts and shorts. Long, transparent, T-shirt made of mesh type “fishnet” with a deep neckline and cut-outs thumb in the sleeves perfectly follows the line of the body and the shape of the material visible under the breasts. The most attractive feature set are shorts. Made of shiny, elastic material with mesh inserts “fishnet”. Perfectly fit to the body, and their cut makes it alluring and sensual curves emphasize the buttocks.

  • Demoniq Claudia Teddy

    Demoniq Claudia Teddy

    Claudia is an exciting teddy, encouraging frivolous and savory playground. The shape of the body and a combination of black, flexible materials: wet look with mesh on the hips, causing the body line perfectly and sexy underlined. Round buttocks emerging from under a black mesh invite you to admire them and touch them. The effect cause visible interest of every man. However, special attention should be to appetize shown neckline, visible from a long, vertical cut. Moreover, the cut is encircled over the entire length of the loop. This can in any way change how and where lacing.

  • Demoniq Dagmar Dress

    Demoniq Dagmar Dress

    The Dagmar lingerie set is an item which offers a nice surprise. It is a short dress made of a black wet look material and a black fishnet mesh. Front of the dress draws attention to breasts which are prominently visible and elegantly shaped due to the mesh. At the back of the dress we can admire exposed parts of the back as well as the shape of the buttocks visible through circular cut-outs. The G-string, which is included in the set, visibly highlights the buttocks with its soft curves which gives a very sexy appearance.

  • Demoniq Ilse Catsuit

    Demoniq Ilse Catsuit

    Ilse catsuit will take your meeting to the limits of pleasure. It is a visually impressive combination of black, flexible wet look materials with delicate mesh. Also will surprise you with a nice touch and comfort. It has been prepared with a view to a woman’s body looked even more sensual and enticing. Reflections of light on the shiny black material offers a pleasing touch, but special attention is drawn to the long cut-out, attractively showing the shape of your breasts visible beneath the black mesh. On the back, catches the eyes, buttocks which are emphasized attract black material and a large uncovered back and hips. Catsuit Ilse is comfortable and you feel it very freely. It adapts to the body like a second skin, and fastened at the neck and back, make it easy to put on and take off.

  • Demoniq Ursel Dress

    Demoniq Ursel Dress

    Ursel set is a combination of sexy dresses and strings. They form a close-knit duo that provokes sharp frolics, while in a clear way implies one who determines the nature of playground. Dress smartly shows neckline and emphasizes the shape of visible buttocks, which reinforce the saucy look black ribbons strings. Interesting and alluring present themselves exposed back, attractive with black ribbons, forming interesting intersecting lines. Elastic materials, specially contoured cut dresses make it perfectly fits the body, emphasizing its lines and shapes, show through the material. Bare back and buttocks playfully interact with a tight hips and breasts black, glossy material from which you can see their shape.