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  • Demoniq Sandra Lingerie Set

    Demoniq Sandra Lingerie Set

    Predatory, perverse, full of energy, as well as refinement sexy … Sandra set leaves no doubt. If till now you have not got the courage to try something new, surprise your new look – now have a great opportunity. Sandra set has been made thinking of you, if want to express your energy and highlight the excellent shape of your body in modern and drawing attention lingerie. It stands out visually stunning and excellent quality materials such as: mesh with large eyes like “cabaret” with matt material type wetlook. Besides the obvious visual qualities of these materials, they are also characterized by a pleasant touch and a perfect fit to the body, thanks to the addition of elastane. Bra gracefully reveals breast and on the back surprise visually interesting composition of the black rubber bands. For your comfort, bottom on the perimeter was reinforced black by wetlook, and the sides stiffened with whalebone.

  • Demoniq Salome Corset

    Demoniq Salome Corset

    Corset with chains Bra Figs Anywhere, in any situation you are, Salome set emphasize your style and taste to unique underwear. Sexy corset is a composition made of rubber bands and silver chains. It is attractive and surprisingly comfortable. You will wear it with no problems and can adjust to your body. Sophisticated chain composition will highlight both the qualities of your body as well as a hot temper. The set also includes spectacular panties and bra in black. Bra is made of soft mesh, alluring shows the shape of the breast. Panties front are made of black, matt material, and the back is made of delicate mesh, which can be seen from your hips and buttocks. On the sides there are silver wheels. Elastic characteristics of the material make figs adapt perfectly to your body. Buttocks are emphasized by the vertical wrinkle material. Salome set includes a corset, figs and bra, which had been prepared for you as a coherent, sophisticated and unique proposition.

  • Demoniq Noemi Lingerie Set BackDemoniq Noemi Lingerie Set

    Demoniq Noemi Lingerie Set

    Bra Figs Do you have a character to emphasize your individuality. Do you have a temper, which needs modern lingerie that will highlight your expression? Set Noemi meets your expectations. This proposal is minimalist, but full of erotic character. Bra and panties are made of black elastic mesh, fit snugly to your body, emphasizing its shape and qualities. Mesh covering breasts and buttocks provokes to hot playground. Elastic characteristics of the material makes Noemi set fits snugly to the body and is very comfortable.

  • Demoniq Malvina Dress

    Demoniq Malvina Dress

    Dress Gloves Do you want something new … Do you want to feel sensual and alluring. Set Malvina is dedicated just to you. Dress is made from black, elastic mesh, give you a lot of pleasure, because your body will highlight the advantages of your body, and compositions from black, decorative elastics will lean further optically your figure while stressing the neckline front and behind the shape of the hips and buttocks. Black mesh from which you can see the body, invites you to play naughty. You will appreciate Malvina dress as well for comfort and perfect fit to the body. Black mesh gloves are great completion of the set. In Malvina set you will feel comfortable and special.

  • Demoniq Lucie Dress

    Demoniq Lucie Dress

    Dress with decorative spike Neckband with decorative spike 2 wristbands Lucie set is a unique proposition for a passionate lady who looks for new unique designs of erotic lingerie. You want to surprise , emanate with eroticism, emphasize your sex appeal in a refined manner, in the best possible taste … Dress Lucie is a composition of black, decorative elastics that perfectly adapt to your body, while emphasizing its shape. This is a minimalist and sophisticated sexual proposition which will put into delight every person. Additional predatory nature of wristbands and neck band with silver, a metal spike. Set Lucie is a set for you if you dare to wear it.

  • Demoniq Lily Jewellery

    Demoniq Lily Jewellery

    Flexible neck lace headband with fastening 2 elastic lace wristbands Chain with three clasps Do you want to spice up the evening entertainments and accessories? Would you like to try something new? Lili set It is a perfect and spicy complement of evening outfit or lingerie set. Black lace adorn the neck and wrists, and a metal chain, which you can fasten it, it is an invitation to a more sophisticated and savory fun. Use your imagination and try something new. Three fastening chains allow them to fasten in different ways, so … what are you waiting for?

  • Demoniq Iris Dress

    Demoniq Iris Dress

    Set includes dress and thongs. The Iris Dress is a tasteful combination of intense black and flexible materials such as matt wetlook with mesh “cabaret”. The flexible properties of the material, contoured shape of the dress, sexy emphasize the shape of your body. Optically they will lean waist and the whole figure and shape of the breast, visible from the mesh on the neckline is more round. The rear sight is directed to your buttocks, appearing from under a black mesh. Another, sexy and provocative flavor can be seen from the mesh ribbons of black strings, included in the package. Dress on the back has vertical lacing. It facilitates adjustment and a sexy and attractive visual accent. Is a nice touch and very easy to fit, thanks to adjustable straps and four adjustable suspender straps and lacing at the back. A nice detail to the eye are black buckle belts for stockings, additionally decorated with black ribbons.

  • Demoniq Esther Body

    Demoniq Esther Body

    Do you want to try something new, are you looking for a unique lingerie that will allow you to be a little provocative and sinfully sexy? Body Esther meets your desires and expectations.

  • Demoniq Elvire Corset

    Demoniq Elvire Corset

    Corset Figs Elvire Set will make you feel elegant, sophisticated, yet full of sensual passion. Elvire set combines an attractive design, high quality materials, sophisticated silver details, with high wearing comfort. This is a mandatory offer for you, if you want to emphasize your hot temper with attractive and elegant lingerie. Corset and panties are made of flexible synthetic leather fabric – highly comfortable to your body, and nice to touch at the same time. The blackness of fabric is brought with silver ring-formed details. The shape of the corset, and vertical lines made of black mesh, will optically slim your body shape emphasizing its advantages. Profiled neckline enlarges breasts. Elvire set is attractive both from front and back, where the cut-out bodice showing your back, and the shape of figs and vertical creases material cause that everyone needs to pay attention to your sexy hips and buttocks. The set also includes fishnet stockings with decorative lace.