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  • Demoniq Anastasia Gown

    Demoniq Anastasia Gown

    The Anastasia set will meet your expectation. It was designed to highlight the romantic atmosphere while at the same time providing a more predatory and intriguing character. This well-thought and successful combination of fitting elements in the form of a long dress and a g-string creates a refined and sensual set. The intensely black wet look in the shape of a corset fits beautifully with the black floral lace on the neckline. The shiny blackness of wet look explicitly highlights the floral patterns. Materials on the cleavage and the corset are flexible which allows the dress to perfectly fit your body, at the same time offering a pleasant feel. A long, transparent tulle at the front and at the back has deep, vertical cut-outs which display the shape of your legs and buttocks in a very sexy way. Lace above the cleavage will provide a sexy highlight of your breasts while the soft cups ensure great comfort. The set also includes a back, low-waist g-string, made of black, floral lace and black wet look, similarly to the dress.

  • Demoniq Klara Chemise

    Demoniq Klara Chemise

    The Klara chemise designed for spicy fun. Short T-shirt with a slit at the back showing the shape of the buttocks. The front neckline made of black
    lace with slits to facilitate access to the nipples. Thong made like chemise with lace and wet look material.

  • Demoniq Maxime Dress

    Demoniq Maxime Dress

    Maxime set meet your needs. It is thoughtful and successful combination of perfectly matched to each other elements in the form of a mini-dresses, thong, suspender belts and gloves that are perfectly matched to each other and give you the opportunity to express their individuality and raise the temperature of intimate meeting. Intense black wet look fits perfectly in combination with black floral lace. The glossy black highlights subtle floral patterns. Additional charm are flirty, black flower with decorative beads on the neckline.Dress is made of elegant black lace combined with intensely glossy wet look type material. The materials are resilient thanks to the addition of elastane make the dress perfectly adheres to the body while surprising you a nice touch. Deep notch neckline, emphasizes sexy shape of the breast, and soft cups provide good comfort. On the back of the cutout in the shape of a triangle reveals a large area while directing look down to attractive-looking buttocks. The set includes also a black thong made like dress with metallic black wet look material.

  • Demoniq Nikita Dress

    Demoniq Nikita Dress

    Nikita set pleasantly surprised individual character. Dress is a unique and pleasing to the eye, it is a combination of a flexible material in snake colour with black, equally flexible type material wet look. Thanks to the special profiling, dress shapes and slims the silhouette and underlines and enhances the optical shape of the breast. Exceptional spice adds a silver zip, which is at the back – unzip the entire length. The set also have impressive figs from low state and distinctive vertical shirring at the back, which optically enhances the shape of the curves of the buttocks.

  • Demoniq Veronique Dress

    Demoniq Veronique Dress

    Black Veronique dress with chain panties included.

  • Demoniq Veronique Set BackDemoniq Veronique Set

    Demoniq Veronique Set

    Veronique chain bra and shorts set.

  • Demoniq Zoe Body

    Demoniq Zoe Body

    Predatory, emanating elegant sex appeal, provocative. It is you – in body Zoe. Body Zoe is a spicy option for fans of original underwear, distinguished by interesting design, high quality materials, attention to comfort while wearing. Zoe is elegant, but also aggressive, draws attention to the brave look, but also a sophisticated collection of elements in the form of black, decorative bows, laces and elastic bands with a flexible synthetic leather. The shape of the body visually lengthens the silhouette of your body. Sensual spice adds on the back a composition of rubber bands and floral lace, which emphasize the hips and shape of the buttocks. Elastic characteristics of used materials, controller on straps and fastening at the back, makes Zoe body which you can fit very well to your body.